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Welcome To TargetIELTS!

TargetIELTS is Australia’s leading tuition center delivering the benchmark in quality affordable educational services for IELTS coaching and PTE coaching.

We are not a “Jack of all trade” kind of organization. We deliver one thing and one thing only – your IELTS results and PTE results! Our sole purpose of existence is to impart the highest quality and result oriented training for acing these English tests.

If you are a keen learner who only settles for the best and nothing but the best, then you have come to the right place. TargetIELTS Training was developed on the principle of imparting the highest quality training which actually produces great IELTS results and PTE results. It is that simple. We provide:

  • ‘The’ best IELTS Coaching and PTE Training in the market !
  • Flexible IELTS Training and PTE Training Packages !

  • Affordable Fees !

Our dedicated IELTS Melbourne and PTE Melbourne team  has years of experience in conducting and designing specialized training courses for adults. Our instructors have scored 8.5/9 average in the IELTS tests, and you can be assured that we understand the process inside out and can train at any level.

Don’t get caught out by rogue IELTS training facilities focused on making money! Join us today and feel the difference!