Why undertake PTE Preparation?

//Why undertake PTE Preparation?

Do I really need PTE Preparation?

The highly regarded Pearson Test of English commonly known as PTE Academic is ideal for students planning to study at an academic institution in an English-speaking country. It gives an accurate measure of overseas students’ communication skills in an academic context.

Benefits of our PTE Preparation course

You can achieve more in your tertiary studies by applying the language strategies and skills taught in our PTE Preparation course.

Course content

Reading – our students learn to use a broad range of reading skills and have a deeper understanding of more academic vocabulary in a huge variety of written texts of academic interest specifically tailored for PTE preparation

Writing – our students learn to structure and organise writing in order to clearly articulate and connect ideas. They also improve their ability to accurately produce complex grammatical structures and apply great deal of lexical resources in response to PTE academic questions

Listening – we teach a wide range of listening skills to improve comprehension, interpret key information and infer meaning and opinion. In our PTE preparation course, our students also develop a deep understanding of academic vocabulary and grammar in monologues and spoken communication

Speaking – students will improve their ability to talk with less hesitation, repetition and reduce self-correction in order to accurately produce broad vocabulary to speak about academic topics. They are taught to produce highly complex sentences and develop pronunciation, especially sentence stress and intonation pattern.

Test-Taking Strategies – We allow our students to practice using a range of test-taking tips and strategies to help them excel in various integrated task types within each part of the Pearson Academic test.